The services we offer and everything we recommend will be personalized to your Game Plan. Our fee-based approach offers lower fees, and we’re completely transparent with what you’ll receive. And with no product ties, our recommendations are aligned with your best interests.

Financial Planning

Contracts don’t last forever, and agent fees, escrow, taxes, and a lack of planning may eat away at your earnings during your career. Your personalized Game Plan takes a long-term approach to your investments so the wealth you create lasts well beyond your career.

Cash Management

We help our clients set up banking relationships and coordinate the set up process (credit cards, checking, savings), obtain mortgages, line of credit and automate bank sweeps to savings, bill payments and distributions. 

Tax Planning

Trades, signing bonuses, and playing internationally can complicate taxes. We can connect you with tax specialists that understand these complexities, and work to reduce the impact that taxes have. As part of planning, our specialists may also discuss additional strategies to increase your tax savings.

Risk Management

Through monitoring and frequent reviews with you, we research factors that may affect your ability to build your wealth. From there, we’ll consult with you, and adjust your plan to manage and mitigate the impact obstacles may have.

Post-Retirement Planning

Where do you want to go when your career comes to an end?
From starting a second career to living on the wealth you’ve created during your career, we can help you navigate your options, and help you transition into life after playing.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning aims to ensure that your estate is handled according to your wishes. We work with specialists that can help you create your will, designate Power of Attorney, and reduce potential taxes left to your heirs. By creating your plan early, you can relax knowing that the people you care about are taken care of.

Illness, Life, and Disability Insurance

In hockey, some believe that it’s not a matter of “if'” you are injured, it's “when”. Having a sound insurance plan is vital in reducing the financial impact that serious injury, sickness, or even death can have on you and your family.

Additional Considerations

Have other financial needs we haven’t mentioned here? As your one stop shop we have access to a network of professionals for additional financial needs you may have. Whether it’s family law, prenup agreements, or even purchasing a home, contact us to see how we can help.

Let’s create a financial plan that meets your goals.

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