Uptown Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management firm that specializes in helping professionals and their families pursue their financial goals and make the most of their earnings.

We go beyond choosing where your investments go, and develop customized game plans that aim to meet your unique needs. All while being available wherever you are, whenever you need us.

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Love of the Game

Whether you're a hockey enthusiast, a sports fan in general, or perhaps not into sports at all, you likely appreciate the camaraderie that comes with being a team player. The Uptown Wealth Management team values the teamwork, loyalty, and support that sports foster. We become your teammates, assisting you and offering support to help you reach your financial and, ultimately, life goals.

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Our Process

To achieve your financial goals, it's crucial to craft a plan around your unique needs and life objectives. In our collaborative process, we work closely with you to develop a financial game plan designed to fulfill both your short-term and long-term aspirations.

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Financial Planning

Contracts don’t last forever, and agent fees, escrow, taxes, and a lack of planning may eat away at your earnings during your career.

Tax Planning

Trades, signing bonuses, and playing internationally can complicate taxes. We can connect you with tax specialists that understand these complexities, and work to reduce the impact that taxes have.

Estate Planning

We collaborate with experts who can assist you in crafting your will, designating a Power of Attorney, and implementing strategies to minimize potential taxes while maximizing your legacy.

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